The Drive Is On

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“Rhino are bringing people together”

Our trip around South Africa to build awareness of saving rhino is taking place in a unique and eye-catching ’rhino car’. The car is finished to look like an adult rhino with a young baby by its side. It was created for a competition to raise funds for The Rhino Orphanage in Limpopo. When the competition ended, First Car Rental supplied us with the car to show their continuing support for rhino. So the drive is on, and we’re bringing people together to share their thoughts and concerns for the future of South Africa’s precious rhino, great and small, while driving a life-size rhino.

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The rhino car is a crowd stopper – it’s a great way of getting noticed and people are responding in an incredibly positive way! At a SASOL forecourt in Salt Rock KZN, on a busy day when many  South Africans were travelling for the holidays, I was able to talk to people about all sorts of rhino matters. They wanted to stop, ask questions, and to offer help and encouragement in whatever way they could. It’s easy for people from all ages and backgrounds to come forward to share their concerns about rhino.

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The contribution of rhino to South Africa’s landscape is huge, and its up to us to accommodate and protect them. Experienced conservationists know that we can not lose these keystone species without affecting the entire ecosystem, without tipping the balance against nature. The future of the rhino matters; it matters very much.

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