Rhino Matters


“Focus on the smaller detail in the bigger picture”

Two people make a couple; a group of rhino make a ‘crash of rhino’.  We have created this blog because a “rhino crash” could have a different meaning, and we don’t want to see rhino crashing to extinction.

So we have followed an ancient call to Africa in order to do something to make a small difference- to give something back, to a continent and a species that means so much to us personally. We have spent a lot of time over thirty years watching and photographing these prehistoric giants in South Africa, the home to the largest remaining population of rhinoceroses in the world. Why are rhino so important to us, or to anyone? Because they are part of the fabric of life; an inter-connected natural world that resonates in the soul of every being on the planet whether they are aware of it or not. Should we allow ourselves to lose a species like rhino, we lose part of ourselves.

This blog is about raising awareness; we want to build a greater understanding of the role that everyone can play. We have a deep longing to preserve, not only rhino, but also everything else that goes with it. Far too often we’ve separated ourselves from our origins; the original connection to Africa within all of us, and rhinos represent that connection. If we can save a species, then we’re saving ourselves by acknowledging and accepting this deep connection to nature. We, and rhino, are the smaller detail in the bigger picture.

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